Product designer with background in design for rapid manufacturing.

Maria started her journey with 3D printing at Freedom of Creation (FOC) - pioneers in creating and commercializing 3D printed design products.
At FOC she was assisting Janne Kyttanen to design lighting and interior accessories produced using Selective Laser Sintering.

Between 2010 and 2012 she was co-operating with jeweller and artist Ted Noten.
She was a consultant and CAD designer for his 3D printed collections: 7 Necessities and 12 Bags

In 2011 she became a designer at FreshFiber - a brand for 3d printed lifestyle accessories,
where she developed numerous lines of cases for phones and tablets.

In 2013 Maria joined Cubify - commercial brand for 3d printed products within 3DSystems corporation.
At Cubify she has the challenging responsibility of bringing rapid prototyping into rapid manufacturing.
She is in charge of designing  lifestyle accessories produced using the internally developed materials and technologies.